Volunteer Management


Volunteer Management

Volunteers are the heart of many nonprofits and are often vital to an organization’s success. 


Copyright-free Graphics about Volunteerism
From Energize, Inc.

Copyright-free graphics to use to motivate volunteers.  Visit the Energize Pinterest page to see the many images they have collected for you.


VolunteerMatch Learning Center
Free training for volunteer coordinators

The VolunteerMatch Learning Center offers dozens of free webinars on the practices of volunteer engagement, such as recruitment, screening, orientation and recognition of volunteers.  It also recommends books and resources and hosts a helpful blog. 


Resources compiled by the National Council of Nonprofits

Excellent round-up of information and resources to strengthen your organization’s work with volunteers.  Includes information on managing volunteers, tax and time reporting guidance, and statistics.  Find it here.


Ten Time-Tested Volunteer Recruitment Tips that Still Work

Volunteer expert Susan Ellis shares her top ten volunteer recruitment messages.


ALIVE: Association of Leaders in Volunteer Engagement
An organization of professional volunteer program managers

AL!VE serves to enhance and sustain the spirit of volunteering in America by fostering collaboration and networking, promoting professional development, and providing advocacy for leaders in community engagement.


Our Shared Resources
Free templates & tools for volunteer programs

OurSharedResources.org is a free service where those who work in volunteer management can add useful resources and others in the field can access them. Share your resources and help us avoid re-inventing the wheel time time again. Resources can include:

  • Downloadable, real-world examples of forms, manuals or position descriptions
  • Templates & tools for creating resources
  • Tips, ideas and how-to Resources

What’s an Hour of Volunteer Work Worth?

Independent Sector’s latest annual calculation of the value of volunteers’ time is out. For 2012, the value of an average American’s one hour of volunteer time was $22.14.


The Electronic Gazette for Volunteerism

VolunteerToday  The Electronic Gazette for Volunteerism  provides free information on the engagement of volunteers through (1) pertinent information on recruiting and engaging volunteers; (2) information and promotion on professional development opportunities for those who work to engage volunteers.


Energize Inc.
Resources, information & ideas for leaders of volunteers

Energize, Inc. is an international training, consulting and publishing firm specializing in volunteerism.  Their information rich website aims to connect leaders of volunteers with resources, information and ideas generated from around the world.


Readiness Roadmap
Helping nonprofits navigate skills-based volunteering

Corporations across the U.S. are estimated to provide more than $15 billion in pro bono volunteer services to nonprofits across the country in 2012, according to the Taproot Foundation, and 66 percent of nonprofits in America say they need pro bono volunteer services more than any other kind of volunteering.

Helpful link

Tracking Volunteer Time to Boost Your Bottom Line
A Complete Accounting Guide

Tracking volunteer time: sounds like another chore? Actually it can help you meet match requirements, improve your financial statement presentations, and reduce liability. In this article from Blue Avacado, CPA Dennis Walsh of North Carolina explains why and how to include volunteer time in your budgets and financials.