Nonprofit Works
An Interactive Database on the U.S. Nonprofit Economy

Nonprofit Works is a new interactive website from The Johns Hopkins University Center for Civil Society Studies providing access to critical data on nonprofit jobs, establishments, and wages in the United States from 1990-2011 with updates coming.

America’s nonprofit sector employs the third largest workforce of any of the 18 industries into which statistical authorities divide the American economy, behind only retail trade and manufacturing, but ahead of construction, transportation, and finance and insurance. What is more, it is adding employment at a rate that exceeds that of the country’s for-profit business sector. Knowledge of the nonprofit sector’s important role in the economies of states, counties, and regions can be crucial for advocacy efforts.

The QCEW database on which Nonprofit Works draws is an unusually rich and reliable database on the nonprofit sector, covering at least 97% of nonprofit employment, in addition to all government and for-profit workplaces, and allowing more accurate and granular identification of how nonprofits contribute not only to quality of life, but also to state and local economies throughout the country.