Evaluating the Board
Tools for self assessment

Board self-assessment aims to help a board do its job better by improving members’ understanding of their roles and responsibilities.  Using these self assessment tools can help your board become a stronger team, improve their problem solving skills and increase their accountability.   Tailor these samples to your organization’s needs.

Board of Directors Self-Evaluation
This table can be used by all board members and the chief executive to get an impression of how well the board is doing.

Checklist to Evaluate a Nonprofit Board of Directors
The following checklist is a resource developed by staff and volunteers of the United Way of Minneapolis Area for internal use by nonprofit organizations.

Sample Self-Assessment Survey for Board Members
Filebox Organizational Development Manual and Legal & Financial Primer

Board Self-Assessment: Who is Accountable to Whom?  BruceFritz and Associates, 2009

Is Your Board Ready for Self Assessment?  Starboard Leadership Consulting

Board Self-AssessmentBoardSource Online tool