Kim Tucker
Executive Director

From foster care to public radio, Kim has helped nonprofits develop programs, attract funding, and expand the delivery of their mission. Today, Kim is leading Impact Foundry in partnership with an engaged Board and stellar staff team.


In 2006, Kim joined 3fold Communications to launch the nonprofit division, focused on capacity building for faith and community-based organizations, and serving the interests of corporate community benefit programs. Local, statewide and national foundations engaged 3fold to help strengthen grantee organizations; and Kim and her team developed grant making programs and training modules to help nonprofit organizations improve upon and demonstrate their impact. In 2015, 3fold sponsored Kim to assume the helm at Nonprofit Resource Center, and to lead its expansion and transformation to Impact Foundry.

Today, Kim is having the time of her life creating new pathways of impact within the nonprofit sector in her role as executive director, and as a continuing member of 3fold’s team.  Kim believes our future depends on well-equipped, engaged youth and for that reason serves on three nonprofit Boards that address local, statewide, and national needs:

Friends of SMAC addresses the need for arts education in our local public schools.

California YMCA Youth & Government engages over 4,000 youth throughout the State in programs emphasizing leadership and civic involvement.

Brightways Learning is a K-12 educational nonprofit working in several states an internationally with teacher tools and programs that build webs of support for youth to thrive.

Kim is privileged to serve on Wells Fargo’s Community Advisory Board in support of programs and services that provide opportunity to our region’s businesses, families, and children.

Kim is from Alaska, where she grew up playing with bears and catching salmon with her bare hands. Most of the time, she tells the truth.

Kim Tucker, Executive Director

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