Helen Yee

Ms. Helen Yee, a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach with YDN Strengths Development Network  is dedicated to supporting her community with a commitment to bringing out the best in people and making a difference in their lives.   With over 30 years of board experience, Ms. Yee brings expertise in team building, event coordination, training, facilitation and fund and board development.  Ms. Yee’s focus is to bring the strengths-based approach to organizational teams, promoting lasting changes in their workplace culture.    

Ms. Yee’s experience includes numerous public and private sector leadership roles, where she devoted her energies to bringing  strengths-based principles to a wide range of community-serving organizations.  Her greatest achievement in a leadership role resulted in a passage of a ballot measure bringing millions of funding dollars for Sacramento City Libraries.  During that time period she served as chair of the Sacramento Public Library Foundation. 

Currently, Ms. Yee serves on the board of the California Museum and Impact Foundry.  Her broad array of business, sales , public sector and non-profit experiences and her opportunities  to pursue her passions to give back to the community has fueled her Strengths development and provides real life experiences her clients and workshop participants can relate to and use to enhance their personal strengths journey.