Catherine Marshall
Nonprofit Capacity Building Consultant

Catherine Marshall is a consultant to organizations that build the capacity of the nonprofit sector.  Since 1982, Ms. Marshall has served nonprofits first as a volunteer and board member, then as a founder and executive director of her own nonprofit.  For nearly ten years, she served as CEO of CAMEO, an association of nonprofits providing microenterprise development in California.  While at CAMEO, Ms. Marshall provided capacity building services to over eighty microenterprise nonprofits.

In the past five years, Ms. Marshall has facilitated the formation or expansion of dozens of coalitions and state associations.  Building on this work, Ms Marshall works with funders, nonprofit associations and collaboratives to design and deliver innovative and effective capacity building programs for nonprofits.

Catherine Marshall holds a BA in Psychology and an MA in Organizational Psychology.   Her first book, Field Building: Your Blueprint for Creating an Effective and Powerful Social Movement is available on