Survey predicts slow recovery for charitable giving

After two consecutive years of actual declines in charitable giving, 2010 saw a modest increase of 2.1%, according to the Indiana University Center on Philanthropy. But a survey of charities conducted by The Chronicle of Philanthropy (“Giving’s Recovery Lacks Momentum, Say Charities,” by Holly Hall and Heather Joslyn, June 30, 2011) reveals that most have low expectations for 2011.

Pessimism about giving in the mid-term future is evident not only in the survey responses but also in the data collected by the Center on Philanthropy for their publication Giving USA; they indicate that a full recovery to pre-recession levels of giving for most groups may not be possible before 2016. The survey results suggest that the nonprofit organizations which have been most successful in restoring their revenue streams are those that persist in sending funders and donors clear messages about their missions and their work.