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How do I register for a workshop?

While viewing the workshop you are interested in, click on the “Register” link.
(If there is no link, the workshop listing is most likely full, requires a separate application, or is for a past date.)

By clicking “Register”, you will be connected to our Impact Foundry Event & Membership Management System (also called NEON/Z2 Systems), a secure processing system where you will be prompted to log in (or create an account) and enter information including attendee name, photo waiver, contact and payment details.

You are not registered for the event until you complete the entire registration process including payment, if needed, and receive a confirmation email.

Please contact us if you have further questions or difficulty registering.

How do I check what events I’m registered for?

Using your email, log in to our Impact Foundry Event & Membership Management System and click on “My Registered Event”. If you have completed any paid or free registrations, they will be displayed.

How do I pay for a workshop?

During the registration process, you will be prompted to log in to our Impact Foundry Event & Membership Management System (also called NEON/Z2 Systems) where you will be able to submit payment using credit card using a secure process.

If you are unable to pay by credit card, please:

  1. contact us or give us a call at 916.569.8555
  2. include the workshop name and date (and attendee name/s if different than appear on the check) in the note section, or include on a separate piece of paper
  3. mail the check to: Nonprofit Resource Center, 4700 Roseville Rd, Suite 211, Sacramento, CA 95660

Once payment is received, you will receive an email confirming your successful registration. You are not considered successfully registered unless you have this email. (If you don’t receive it, please check your spam folder and ensure your email address was entered correctly before giving us a call.)

Please contact us if you have further registration questions, difficulty registering, or need to apply a credit coupon.

Why isn’t my member discount showing up?

When you first sign up for a membership, there is a slight lag in processing time before the member discount is active. If it is during normal business hours, please contact us and we will activate the member discount immediately. If it is after business hours, please email us and you will be credited the difference.

When is the next time you are offering a specific workshop?

We offer certain workshops on a regular basis, including the Grant Track, and Board Leadership: The Essentials.

If a workshop is currently scheduled, it will appear in the calendar and under Learn on the Workshops page.  If you cannot locate the one you are looking for, feel free to contact us.

How do I apply to ED Boot Camp, CEO-Link or another special series?

Our signature series educational offerings often have a special application and acceptance process.  Please check the webpage for the desired series, all located under Learn. On those pages, there is information about how to let us know you’d like to be placed on an interest list for the next time that specific signature series is offered.


Am I a member?

Impact Foundry members pay an annual fee to have access to our member benefits. While all nonprofits have access to our services, there are special discounts and members-only benefits that come with paid membership. If you have a question about whether your membership is up-to-date or would like more information about becoming a member, please contact us.

Is my organization a member?

The Impact Foundry has memberships suitable for organizations and for individuals associated with nonprofit organizations. On our Membership page, you can read about the benefits and fees associated with each type of membership. If you have further questions, you can always contact us.

How do I join?

Joining is easy! You can join directly from our website under the type of membership you choose, by visiting us in person or by calling us.

Why isn’t my or my organization’s member discount showing up when I register for an event?

When you first sign up for a membership, there is a slight lag in processing time before the member discount is active. If it is during normal business hours, please contact us and we will activate the member discount immediately.

Can I still come to your workshops if I’m not a member?
Can I still visit the library for information or check out books if I’m not a member?

Our services are available to all nonprofits. You can enroll in a workshop, visit the library, contact us during our business hours and reference books in our resource library. Membership has its benefits, however, including discounts on workshops, check-out privileges at the library, members-only content on our website and more, listed on our Membership page.


How do I post a job on JobLink?

Our JobLink service is located under Connect or accessible from the hompage Quick links. Just click on the Post your Sacramento area nonprofit job opportunity on JobLink button on the right, and fill out the easy form. You can either type directly into the form, or cut and paste from another document.

I used to have a JobLink password; do I need that now?

Our JobLink system tracks by email and organization name, so no password is needed! The JobLink administrator will verify whether you are part of a member organization and either post the job immediately or generate an invoice to pay for the posting. Because of this step, there may be a slight delay before the post appears on our site.

I don’t know if I’m a member, so what do I click?

This is a common question, so don’t worry! Either contact the JobLink administrator or on the job submission form click “No” and, if you are a member, we will correct it and you will not receive an invoice.

I’m still having trouble, can someone help me?

Our JobLink administrator will be happy to help, or you can always call us during business hours.

How long is my job posting listed on your website?

JobLink posts last for one month. If you hire someone before that time, we can remove the post for you. If you haven’t hired someone and would like to post for an additional month we can renew the posting. Note that regular fees will still apply.

I don’t see an option to pay while I’m posting. How do I pay?

Our JobLink administrator verifies memberships daily, so invoices will come afterwards to your email. You can pay by credit card or check at that time.

I just joined as an Individual Member; why am I receiving an invoice for JobLink?

Joblink is a member benefit for Organization Members only, since it is typically organizations that hire staff. If you would like to make changes to your membership to receive this benefit, please contact us.

Impact Foundry Library

What is the Impact Foundry Library?

The Impact Foundry’s library is a collection of over 900 books on nonprofit management and fundraising that can be used for quick answers to your nonprofit questions, as a training tool and for in-depth research.

How can I find out what books you have?

You can browse our library online catalog by title, author, keyword, ISBN, or use a topic code to find all the books on a specific topic.

Can I borrow books?

Members of the Impact Foundry are able to borrow materials, others are welcome to use library materials at our offices.

What is the borrowing period?

Items may be borrowed for two weeks.

Can I renew a book I’ve borrowed?

Call and ask us.  If no one has requested the book, we are happy to renew it.

How many books can I borrow?

You may borrow a maximum of two books from the same subject area.  A total of five books may be borrowed at one time.


I was linked to a page where I received an error. What should I do?

Oops! We apologize for the inconvenience and would appreciate your help in rectifying the problem.  Please fill out our  website feedback form including:

  • the URL (the www. address) of the originating page
  • the link you clicked, and
  • the page where you landed

If you need immediate assistance or the error message is keeping you finding or accomplishing something such as an event registration through our website, please contact us by phone at 916.569.8555.

There used to be “xyz” on the previous Impact Foundry website and now I can’t find it.  Where’d it go?

We have organized our content in a much more efficient and logical way…or at least we think so!

Under the prior heading New location
Home Just click our logo!
Calendar A link to our calendar is at the bottom of every page and under Quick Links on the homepage, as well on the right of most pages under “Learn”. There is also an “Events” section on our homepage that lists many of the most immediate upcoming calendar items.
Services Now located under “Learn”, “Connect”, “Projects”, or “About the Center”, depending on the type of service it is.
Learning Now called “Learn”, but we knew you could figure that one out!
KnowledgeBase Now located under “Tools”, including information about our Impact Foundry Library.  This section is expanding constantly so check back often!  There is also a “Featured Tools” section on our homepage that lists the most recently added, updated, or timely tools for nonprofits we have under that section.
Membership Now located under “About the Center” and on the right of many pages describing member benefits or when a member discount would apply.
JobLink Now located under “Connect” with a link at the top of every page on the website.
About Us Now called “About the Center”.
CommunityLink Now located under “Connect” or “Projects”.

If you are still having trouble locating something and know a related term or the title of what you are looking for, use the new powerful search engine. The “Search” box is located in the top right of every page of the website.  Please contact us if you have further questions or difficulty.

Why do I sometimes get transferred to a website address?

Website addresses starting with are within our NPRC Event & Membership Management System (also called NEON/Z2 Systems). We have interfaced with this system to securely complete any action that has a related payment as well as free events that require registration.  If you are registering for an event, signing up for or renewing your membership, you will be directed to log in using your email address, or create an account if you are a new user.

We also manage our email database using this system so you may see that address if you click on a link to view our eNewsletter in your browser.  It’s still us!

The site is a trusted and verified site but some browsers still ask for permission when you visit. Rest assured, for transactions requiring payment, we use, which is a secure, encrypted payment system.