Succession Planning for Nonprofits
Create and sustain a culture of leadership succession

Today, with the overwhelming number of nonprofit professionals planning retirement, career moves, or sector changes, nonprofits must give equal weight to developing human capital in addition to financial capital if there is to be a demonstrated commitment to organizational sustainability.

“Succession Planning for Nonprofits” is designed to help you consider the options available to create and sustain a culture of leadership succession. In this workshop, we will cover:

  • A working definition of succession planning vs. career or transition planning.
  • A pre-succession planning organizational culture assessment.
  • Contingency succession methods.
  • Succession planning policy for board and staff.
  • Demonstrated basic competencies in human resource management.
  • Analysis and resourcing of the current strategic plan of organization for leadership continuity.
  • Sustaining a succession planning culture in a nonprofit organization.

Presenter: Jeffrey Wilcox, Third Sector Company

Date: June 9, 2017, 1:00-4:30 PM

3fold Communications 
2031 K Street 
Sacramento, CA 95811

Fee: $125*  (Foundry Members 95*) 

* – this price is for an unlimited number of attendee from your organization. It is important to bring leadership staff and board members!

Faculty Member: Jeffrey Wilcox is the founder of Third Sector Company. Headquartered in Seattle, Third Sector has staff and offices throughout the west coast, from British Columbia, Canada to Long Beach, CA. You don’t want to miss – and don’t want your Board members to miss – this informative discussion led by a national thought leader.

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