Strengthening Your Organization’s Story
Nonprofit Innovation Lab

Story is our most versatile organizational building block. It allows us to transform vision, need or opportunity into actions, strategies and objectives.  When we approach a nonprofit organization as an unfolding story, we gain access to the most dynamic elements of the institution.

Within your organization, what areas of unmet need, burgeoning opportunity or emerging innovation are waiting to unfold? This workshop is an opportunity to step beyond daily operations to give shape to fresh ideas and next steps.

In this workshop, we will:

  • Engage in shared visioning
  • Shop our ideas with one another
  • Add details and definition
  • Identify relevant resources
  • Outline immediate next steps and concrete timelines

This workshop is equally applicable for organizations updating existing programming and agencies exploring brand new ideas, strategies or solutions. Relevant projects might include:

  • Newly conceived or fledgling nonprofits
  • Impending community initiatives or collaborative projects
  • Development of compelling outreach, marketing and engagement strategies
  • Emerging concepts for fundraisers or special events
  • Overcoming a persistent programmatic obstacle


Half Day Fee Schedule:

$60.00  Employees of organizations with budgets under $500,000
$80.00  Employees of organizations with budgets over $500,000

Center Members receive a 10% discount
Cancellation Policy
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