Strengthening Your Organization’s Story
Empowered Ambassadors

Each of us knows when we hear a story told well, or when we witness others being moved by a powerful story. All too often, organizations find themselves limited in their ability to share their story.

Common obstacles include:

  • Only one or two individuals (including the executive director) feel confident and capable of sharing the organization’s work.
  • The same stories are repeated again and again, while newer or more complex elements of the work are not presented.
  • Staff, board and volunteers hesitate because they fear telling the wrong story, believe it is not their role, or they lack the tools and details for a proper telling.

This workshop will introduce the use of images and metaphors in storytelling, while integrating the voices of the scientist, the marketing executive and the artist to identify key elements of an organization’s story for presentation to a diverse or targeted audience.


Half Day Fee Schedule:

$60.00  Employees of organizations with budgets under $500,000
$80.00  Employees of organizations with budgets over $500,000

Center Members receive a 10% discount
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