Strategic Financial Management For Nonprofit Executives

Wednesday, 28 February 2018, all day (9am-4pm with lunch break)

$150 members, $200 non-members

Registration is limited to chief executives of nonprofits with annual revenues of $1 million or greater, and the session has limited seats available.

Chief executives of nonprofits are multi-disciplinary professionals with many responsibilities and limited support systems. One essential CEO role that brings high expectations – but few resources on best practices – is managing and ensuring the organization’s short- and long-term health.

Strategic financial management is critical to nonprofit success and sustainability. It involves actively building, monitoring and adjusting the organization’s business model. This unique one-day workshop for nonprofitCEOs provides an overview of key strategic financial management concepts, as well as practical methods for fulfilling this role within organizations. Takeaways will include:

Clarity on the essential elements of nonprofit business models;

Methodologies for understanding full costs of activities, internal profit- and subsidy-centers, multi-year projections, and financial performance metrics; and

A set of reference materials.

PIMG Principal Scott Schaffer leads the workshop. He is a former CEO and CFO of public health, housing and environmental nonprofits, and has a background in finance and economics. The Public Interest Management Group is a Seattle-based consulting firm focused on empowering nonprofit leaders to make well-informed decisions, and position their organizations for impact, operational efficiency, and financial sustainability.

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