Mapping Your Community’s Untapped Strengths
Community Resource Mapping

Much of the time, those of us working in communities of need focus on their deficits. But what if we instead work toward building a deeper understanding of the resources and assets that already exist there, and how to leverage and connect them to empower residents and work across boundaries? This course will take you through the process of creating a community resource map; you will leave with a preliminary map for your community and issue area, and a plan to go deeper.

Learning Objectives:

  • Develop the skills to find community resources.
  • Learn how community resources can strengthen your strategy and programs.
  • Address practical questions about how to create a community resource map and the resources needed to implement a mapping process.
  • Create a preliminary resource map.
  • Plan for more in-depth mapping of your own community.

Date: April 27, 9 AM – Noon

Location: 3fold Communications, 2031 K Street, Sacramento 95811

Fee: $75 ($50 for Members)