How to Build Your Board
Board Recruitment

Having an effective board is one of the most important ways to ensure the success of your agency.  Yet finding and recruiting board members is one of the most difficult tasks of a Board and it is typically handled at the wrong time in a haphazard fashion that is the least effective way to recruit the best folks for your organization.

In this session we will examine how to develop a board matrix to identify your board’s personnel needs, and how to build an effective and efficient board.  Our discussions will include the importance of board orientation and the need for a reliable Board handbook.


This session is designed for all board members and Executive Directors.


Learning Objectives:

  • Learn a disciplined process for identifying potential board members
  • Learn how to build a pipeline of potential board members
  • Learn how to build a framework to create the board that is best for you
  • Learn the contents of an effective board notebook

Date: May 23 2017 3-4:30 PM


3fold Communications
2031 K St
Midtown Sacramento, CA 95811

Fee: $50 per person ($40  for Members)

We offer this workshop quarterly:

August 29 
November 29 

2031 K St
Sacramento, CA 95811

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