Finding Grant Funders
Learn research techniques and tools

Are you new to the world of grant funding?

Wondering how to find all those grant dollars you’ve heard about?

This workshop will show you a process for researching funders, introduce key reference works, and demonstrate online databases and other research tools. Discover how to find potential grant funders with a proven commitment to nonprofit programs and projects like yours.

You will learn:

  • where grants fit in overall funding for your organization
  • who gives grants and the differences among the sources
  • the process for finding potential grant funders
  • how to identify if a funder is good match
  • how to successfully approach a grant funder

Find out what you need to do before you write that successful proposal!


Fee: $85 ($65 for Members)

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Impact Foundry
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North Highlands, California 95660
(916) 569-8557